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How to order Lola luna

For ordering, you have to open an account first    open an account
Once this will be done, you will be able to order.
You will receive an order confirmation some minutes after having sent your order.
Payment will be done at the end of you order and it is totally secure.

How to order :
1) Select a Lola luna category ( among the 4 categories ... string, open string,  mini bikini,  accessories )
2) enter the quantity you want for all items and sizes you want . (in the cayegory you are ... let's say string )
3) go to the bottom of this page and press "buy now" ... you will see your cart.
4) then, click on "continue" if you want to go in an other category ("open string" or "mini bikini" .... for example)
Then, redo the same than in the previous category, and click again on "buy now"
5) when you wil have finished your order, you will have to click on "checkout" instead of "continue"
6) please note that if you cannot see an item you wanted to order, that means that this item is no longer available
And also, if you see that one or several size boxes do not figure in front of an item, this means that this or those sizes are not in stock.
You can pay by paypal or bank transfert or credit card .